Surge Protection

Intermatic Surge Protector AG3000.

Intermatic  AG3000 Surge Protector

Power surges are the silent killer for home appliances and HVAC equipment. Most homeowners protect their electronics, but leave more valued equipment unprotected. Surges can wipe out equipment and leave you searching for answers. Search no more. The easy-to-install AG3000 Surge Protective Device (SPD) is the perfect add-on for HVAC equipment. A green LED indicator provides the status of protection. Trusted, state-of-the-art TPMOV® (Thermally Protected Metal Oxide Varistor) technology eliminates the potentially hazardous failure modes that are commonly associated with standard MOV technology. UL Listed to ANSI/UL 1449, 4th Edition.

  • Three modes of protection: L-G, L-L, L-N
  • TPMOV® surge protection technology
  • Green LED indicator provides status of protection
  • Type 4X watertight and UV resistant plastic enclosure
  • 3-year product warranty
  • $7,500 connected equipment warranty for 3 years
  • UL Listed to ANSI/UL 1449 5th edition
Intermatic Surge Protector cd1-024r.

Intermatic CD1-034R Compressor Defender Surge Protector and Undervoltage Protection

The COMPRESSOR DEFENDER® surge protector is the only all-in-one undervoltage and surge power protection device on the HVAC Market, providing protection for central A/C and heat pump condensing units and their associated motors, controls and components-both electronic and mechanical. It can be installed inside the condensing unit or externally on the outdoor A/C disconnect. Autosense voltage technology protects at any voltage from 120-240 VAC, making it an ideal solution for residential or light commercial installations. Trusted, state-of-the-art TPMOV® (Thermally Protected Metal Oxide Varistor) surge protection technology eliminates the potentially hazardous failure modes that are associated with standard MOV technology. The device is also designed with integrated 3-minute short cycle time delay protection.


  • TPMOV® surge protection technology
  • 3-year, $7500 connected equipment warranty
  • Auto-sense voltage technology
  • Quick-reacting, 5-line cycle undervoltage response time
  • 120/208-240 VAC universal input
  • 24 VAC/VDC, 2 A control thermostat output
  • 3-minute short cycle time delay
  • Two LED indicators provide real time status for quick and easy troubleshooting and functional visibility for end users
  • Surge protection complies with the latest UL 1449, 4th Edition, surge protective device requirements
  • Undervoltage protection complies with AHRI standard 110-2016 Range B Protective Device
Rectorseal Surge Protector.


Rectorseal RSH-50VRM Kit Surge Protection and Voltage Range Monitor and Protection

The RSH-50 VRM KIT combines the VRM60A and the RSH-50 in a NEMA 3R enclosure, for an all-in-one equipment solution. The RSH-50 uses Gas Discharge Tube (GDT) Technology along with Thermally Fused Metal Oxide Varistors (TMOV) for ultimate protection.



  • RSH-50 Surge Protector and Voltage Range Monitor inside a NEMA 3R/IP66 enclosure
  • Over-Under Voltage Protection with Adjustable Auto Cut-Off and Auto Restore Delay Time; Over-Under Voltage Cutoff Delay can be adjusted from 0.5 to 60 Seconds; Load Restore Delay adjustable from 1 to 600 Seconds 120/240 Single Phase.
  • Magnetic latching relays for maximum reliability
  • Large easy to read LCD digital display with dual red and green LED diagnostics indicators
  • Easy setup, field programmable, no laptop or programming tool required
  • Lifetime warranty