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Zone control service.

Do some areas of your home have inconsistent temperatures even as you adjust your home’s only thermostat? If so, then read on. You could most likely benefit from a zone control system.

A zone control system gives you control over the temperature in each room in your house using only single zone unitary HVAC equipment. The zone control system warms or cools the rooms you use the most at the time you use them. It works in tandem with your thermostat(s) to provide only the necessary heating or cooling energy each room in your home needs at the time. There are only a few required basic items to zone your home: thermostats, a control panel, and zone dampers in your ductwork. Although zoning doesn’t affect the efficiency of your heating and cooling system, a zone control does make the most efficient use of your system.

How Does It Work?

A zone control system uses thermostats to connect to a central control panel to open and shut dampers distributed throughout your ductwork, thus blocking or releasing hot or cold air. You set the temperature for each zone via each thermostat, and the zone control system does the rest of the work for you. There are many factors affecting the indoor temperature in your home, such as appliances, higher or cathedral ceilings, shading, wind chill, and cooking. Zoning solves these problems by allowing each zone’s thermostat to individually adjust to the desired heating or cooling level.

What Is a Zone?

A zone can be anything you design it to be: an entire floor of your house, a group of rooms, or just one room.

How Do I Know If I Need a Zone Control System?

Determining if you need a zone control system isn’t too tricky. We at All Seasons Heating & Air Conditioning are happy to help you make that assessment. But to get started, if you can answer yes to one or more of the following conditions in your home, your home is more than likely a candidate. Does your home have:

  • More than one level or story?
  • A rambling floor plan that extends far beyond your main living space?
  • A concrete slab as your foundation?
  • Large glass windows?
  • Finished rooms in the attic or basement, or rooms over the garage?
  • Large open areas?

Answering yes to any of the above home conditions indicates you should call us at 828-651-9998 so one of our experienced technicians can talk with you about your options for a zone control system.

A wonderful characteristic of a zone control is you can begin your home with only one zone and then retrofit the application. Of course, you can always start a new home with a zone control system as well.

Benefits of a Zone Control System in Asheville, NC

The two biggest benefits of installing this kind of system are energy efficiency and money savings. Pairing a zone control system with a programmable or smart thermostat will give you more control over your home’s heating and cooling than you ever thought possible. No longer will you be overheating or overcooling areas in your home to accommodate the other too-warm or too-cool areas or because certain rooms aren’t used by anyone in your home at different times of the day. High energy efficiency is a guaranteed way to save money.

Another benefit, and perhaps the most gratifying benefit, of the system is the increased comfort you’ll feel in your home. Gone will be the days of hot or cold spots. Your home will be as you’ve always dreamed it should be––home sweet home. Give All Seasons Heating & Air Conditioning a call today.

Smart Thermostat Installation in Asheville, NC 28806

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Zone Control System Maintenance in Asheville, NC 28803

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“Excellent service. Cody identified the problem & informed me of the process for receiving estimates for repair options. He returned to do the repair & restored the system to efficient operation. He knows what he's doing, communicates well, & followed safety precautions for COVID-19. I would gladly recommend All Seasons, just as a respected friend recommended it to me.”

- Jan P.

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“Technician arrived in a timely manner. Performed all necessary maintenance checks and replaced filters. Provided thorough verbal report of findings.”

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“We recently had All Seasons Heating & Air perform the routine seasonal maintenance on our Bryant Evolution HVAC system and, as always, the technician (Cody) did a superb job. The technician was on-time, put up with me observing him work, answered all of my questions regarding the process in a complete and friendly manner, and cleaned his work area when the work was completed. All Seasons installed our Bryant system 7 years ago and adhering to a routine schedule of seasonal service with All Seasons has kept it running efficiently and in top shape. Great company to have work on your system.”

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