Thanks for Everything

“Thanks for everything. Recently we had to replace our heating and air conditioning system due to age and inefficiency. I looked at several local contractors, but one impressed me with his honesty and technical approach. He came in and after we discussed the options, he measured to house, the windows, the ceiling heights, etc. He told me it would take him a day or so to recommend the proper size and type of system. After discussion he told me he was using the ACCA Manual J which I understand is the industry standard and it would take him time to enter it into the computer and get the results. He recommended a hybrid system that uses a heat pump to 40 degrees and then automatically switches to gas. He recommended a 96.5 efficiency gas furnace and an 18 SEER air conditioner. The system uses a variable speed fan which is controlled automatically. Installation of the complete system took one day. He arrived (the owner) and introduced all the workers. They worked in harmony the entire day and completed the installation on a timely basis. They were very professional and pleasant to deal with, very aware of little details. They even cleaned up after themselves. Since installation, we have been very pleased. We never hear this new system run and the temperature is always as set (makes us wonder how it does this). The house is significantly more comfortable and the new heat pump air output is very warm. The new system should save us 5 to 8 hundred dollars a year in energy cost. Highly recommend All Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning. Morgan Pelly is the owner. They are in Fletcher, and it is a small company. Most impressive to me is when I asked how long the employees had been with Morgan. They all had worked for him for many years and very complementary of him (he was absent).”

– C. S.